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Bristol Pound


Brief: Redesign the UK’s first city-wide currency, the Bristol Pound. They invited anyone who lived, works or learns in Bristol to submit designs and images for the third edition of Bristol’s paper money, which was released in June 2018. There were four themes featured on the new edition of the Bristol Pound paper pounds: Art & Culture, Rebellion & Protest Movements, Wildlife & Nature and Maritime Heritage. I chose the theme of Rebellion & Protest Movements - Bristol has a fiercely independent spirit and a long history of doing things its own way. We’ve pushed back and won; We even have our own money! Let’s celebrate this.

Solution: I won the competition to have my artwork, 'Power in Numbers' featured on one of the new edition of Bristol Pound notes. The Bristol Pound was launched in 2012, it is the largest local currency in the UK. It aims to create a more resilient and sustainable independent business sector in the city, through creating a community of local businesses and helping them thrive. If you want to read more about my design process and the story behind the piece, I did an interview with the Bristol Pound, which you can read on their blog here. My Bristol one pound note was featured, alongside the other banknotes released in 2018, in an article about community currency in the February/March 2019 issue of Creative Review, you can read the article in full here. You can also read a news article on the Bristol Pound competition published by the University of the West of England here.