Speaks A Thousand Words

Installation / Print / AR


There is a notion that software is immaterial like a “cloud”, but the reality is that it occupies many physical forms (such as micro notches in a CD or large underground server farms). You are asked to develop a hardware project that creatively explores the materiality of software.

Speaks A Thousand Words, explores the relationship between computer vision and human emotion through a series of 2D and 3D artworks presenting physical manifestations of computer vision. Facial recognition tracking software is proficient at recognising, tracking and augmenting the human face, but unable to accurately identify and understand human emotion. I examine how computer vision 'sees' the seven primary emotions: happy, sad, fear, anger, surprise, disgust and contempt, through a series of screen prints presenting mesh overlays of how facial recognition tracking software visualises the emotions – the mesh is known as a 'candide shape overlay' and the dots are known as an 'active shape model'. Jon Thorne, Lead Experience Designer at Great State descibed the work as, "a strong piece of digital creative and very well presented". Artworks in this series are available to purchase, if you are interested in any of the artworks please get in touch.