Bristol Pound


2018 - 2019

Redesign a new paper pound note for the Bristol Pound in response to the theme of rebellion and protest movements. The Bristol Pound is the UK’s first city-wide currency, they invited anyone living in Bristol to submit designs for the third edition of Bristol’s paper money. The Bristol Pound was launched in 2012, it is the largest local currency in the UK and it aims to create a more resilient and sustainable independent business sector in the city, through creating a community of local businesses and helping them thrive.

My artwork titled Power in Numbers was selected to be featured on the new edition of the Bristol Pound notes, released in June 2018. Power in Numbers is a piece that attempts to capture Bristol’s unique anti-establishment and egalitarian sentiments. Reappropriating the protester's heads with megaphones is a metaphor for the amplification of the voice and coming together in order to be heard to benefit the wider community. You can read more about my design process and the story behind the piece in an interview I did with the Bristol Pound on their blog. In November 2019 I designed a limited edition t-shirt offered as a reward to pledgers of a crowdfunder to help secure the future of the Bristol Pound. The t-shirt is now exclusively available to buy from their online shop.