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Star-Spangled Banner

Web Development

Brief: Design and build a mobile web page that incorporates data or is formatted or transformed by data. The mobile page might use live or archived data, including external data via RSS or similar feeds, or it might utilise data generated by the device (date, time, gps etc). Consider the creative, critical and imaginative relationship between the data that is utilised and the way in which it formats or transforms the mobile web page.

Solution: In 2017 I produced 'The Star-Spangled Banner – Sorry Not Working Today', a live artwork embedded in a mobile optimised webpage. It uses a live Twitter API feed linked to Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Everytime the 45th president of the United States tweets, the neon sign cuts out and turns off, revealing a message written on the wall behind the sign, which is only legible when the sign is not glowing. The piece is unassuming, when viewed at first glance it is just a flickering neon sign depicting an American flag. However, it is underpinned by a powerful message, which changes the very context of the flag and what it represents.