Illustration / Print / AR

2019 - 2020


In 2018 I produced an illustration about Brexit titled ‘Unstable’. In 2019 I produced a limited run of A4 Risograph prints, they were printed using eco-friendly soy-based inks. All profits from the sale of the prints were donated to Friends of the Earth, to directly help drive real solutions to the environmental problems facing us all. Fundamentally, to prevent Brexit from distracting us as a society, from the bigger picture of the climate emergency. In 2019 I made the illustration into a flag and installed it in a field of wheat. In 2020 I created 'Unstable' AR, an augmented reality instance of the work, which allows users to plant an AR flag into their environment capture an image and share it. Historically a flag is a sacred item that holds great significance and the colours and symbols convey the ideas, ambitions and values of a country, organisation or individual. This flag is no different. Risograph prints available to buy here.